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The Club Coach Coordinator (CCC) program has been running in MWFA for five years now, and has had a very positive impact on our member clubs who have engaged with the program to support their club coaches within their own environment. MWFA feedback from two surveys over the past two years clearly shows that player enjoyment through a positive coaching experience is one of the major factors in a young player’s decision to continue playing, and to continue playing at his/her current club.

The CCC program sees grassroots clubs take ownership (with support from MWFA) of coach development within their club to support and value their new and inexperienced coaches, through a variety of methods suited to each club’s needs. Despite the challenges of COVID and the 2021 season being cut short, many clubs were still able to do a great job this year and achieve some meaningful outcomes with their CCC program.


This week we’d like to acknowledge the efforts and achievements of Curl Curl.

In 2021, the focus of Curl Curl’s CCC program was on mentorship and providing ‘on the training field’ assistance. The club found the connection between a CCC walking around the training ground and providing either formal or informal assistance to coaches, led by the likes of Gareth Banks and Sue Lawson and a team of experienced CCCs under them, had multiple benefits: the initiative could fit better in with the CCC’s time availability, advice being provided was in the coaches’ own environment with their own team, and questions were addressed and help provided more easily on a variety of matters however big or small.

These opportunities and the benefits of them also spread more widely by word of mouth, as well as coaches seeing the CCCs ‘walking the fields’ on training nights. Curl Curl has also hosted MWFA coaching courses and workshops each year, along with organising their own, and these have usually been very well attended and received given the quality and experience of the CCCs the club has at its disposal.

“Curl Curl has proudly participated in the CCC program since its inception within MWFA, and our coaching program has been a major beneficiary of many of the CCC initiatives over the years. Each year we try to evolve and deepen our CCC program, whilst at the same time develop succession planning to ensure its sustainability.” Gareth Banks said.

For 2022, the club aims to recruit more CCCs from younger age groups to continue the breadth of CCC initiatives it can offer, and continue to build that sustainability.


As a reward and recognition of the everyone’s efforts at Curl Curl in 2021, MWFA is pleased to be providing the club with funding for 2 coaches to complete their FA C-Licence coaching course.


Coaches keen for ongoing support with their own team (on top of the coaching courses and workshops available through MWFA) at their own training sessions and matches should reach out to a CCC at their club, or contact their club to find out who their CCCs are.



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