MWFA unfortunately abandons 2021 season

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Dear Registered 2021 MWFA Players, officials and referees,


Firstly, the MWFA Board and staff, our 17 Clubs and the MWFRA sincerely hope that you are all keeping safe, healthy and happy throughout this Pandemic that continues to challenge us all.


This season, despite the challenges of 2020, saw our player number grow to 19,865 players, an increase of 1,400 players, which is an all-time record. However, the reality is that the current lockdown orders are in place until August 28 at the earliest. Even if the NSW Government was to end the lockdown on that date, indications from Football NSW are that the NSW Government will (quite rightly) follow last year’s plan in easing restrictions in a staggered manner meaning it is highly unlikely football matches will be able to be played until late September at the earliest.


Therefore. following emergency discussions with your Clubs, the MWFRA, Football NSW and the Northern Beaches and Mosman Councils, the MWFA Board made the difficult decision to abandon the 2021 season. While we would all dearly love to be able to play football on the weekends, the health and wellbeing of our players and the general community is paramount.


The MWFA Board, after consultation with the 17 Clubs and MWFRA also made the following decisions: –


2021 Champions

Champions will be declared in all competitive divisions (U12 and above) based on the competition tables as they currently stand, adjusted where required if teams in the same division have played a different number of games. The Champions in all divisions will be updated on the MWFA website this week.

Champions and Participation Medals


All teams declared Champions in the competitive divisions (U12 and above) will receive Champions Medals and all Mini-Roos players from U6-U11 will also receive their participation medallion. These will be sent to the Clubs for distribution during August.


Perpetual Trophies


All MWFA perpetual trophies will not be awarded for the 2021 season. This includes Player of the Year awards for the senior competitions, Presidents Trophy and other annual awards.


Financial Considerations


As with the 2020 season, the MWFA will be working with all stakeholders to understand what the impact of this shortened 2021 season is on the MWFA financial position after any cost savings are achieved.


The MWFA will work towards achieving a breakeven financial position for 2021 and formulate a plan in conjunction with our 17 Clubs and the MWFRA on how any surplus funds are retuned to your clubs, the MWFRA and their members.


Promotion and Relegation (Men’s PL and AL1)


At the start 2021, the MWFA Board, after the recommendation of the 17 Clubs and the MWFA Competitions Committee, agreed the principles to allow for the  promotion and relegation in 2021 should the season be impacted by COVID19 issues so as not to deny AL1 clubs the ability to be promoted for a second year running.


With that in mind, Beacon Hill has been declared AL1 Champions for 2021 and will be invited to join the Premier League competition and Manly Vale has been relegated from the Premier League.


The MWFA is working through the logistics of a Playoff between the 2nd club in the AL1 competition (without a team in the 2022 Premier League) and the 2nd last Club in the 2021 Premier League with the intention to play that match if the NSW Government restrictions lift in time to allow a three week training period before any matches are played and the playoff finalised by no later than 30th October 2021.




The MWFA would like to take this opportunity to thank the volunteers at the clubs, YOUR CLUB, for working so hard for a second year in a row to get teams and players onto the pitch each weekend. It has been a very difficult time for those volunteers and we collectively salute each and every one of them.


While we must unfortunately put the 2021 season behind us, now is a time to unite as a community to do our bit to defeat COVID 19 once and for all.


Thanks again for your patience and understanding during these challenging times and we hope to see you all back for the 2022 season – a year free of the COVID-19 shadow.


Please stay safe, happy and healthy.


David Wilson (Chairman and the MWFA Board) and David Mason (MWFA CEO)


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