Almost 500 Coaches Attend MWFA Courses and Workshops in 2020

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Despite the challenges with COVID-19 this season, in particular the limited time frame to schedule coaching courses in, MWFA were still able run 16 official coaching courses (compared to 22 last year) catering to 220 coaches, with time for a couple more in the off-season. We are also hosting a Senior C-Licence in November with another 24 coaches registered.

This number includes more than 40 female coaches, which at 18% of the total is actually an increase from 2019, thanks largely to the very successful Female Only MiniRoos course. MWFA was also able to train up 8 new course presenters, including 5 females, to grow their Coach Development Team to 13, headed by Community Coach Development Manager Eugene Lawrenz.

There was also a very large increase in the number of unofficial workshops made available at both Cromer Park and various clubs (17 in total) giving another 220 coaches ongoing guidance throughout the season to complement their official course, or as their first exposure to coach education, more than double the total from the 2019 season.


“I loved the MiniRoos course, it was fantastic. Every coach should do it.”

– Paul O’Shaughnessy (Forest Killarney AL Men)


“My Thursday training this week was great. The kids were a lot more engaged and it kept them going throughout.”

– Paul Murgatroyd (Many Vale U10 Eagles)


“Both courses have had an immediate positive result for my team and myself, as well as making my sessions much more enjoyable and productive for all involved. A really big help for mum and dad coaches out there giving it their best.”

– Mike Weeden (Seaforth W10 Pandas)


“I found the courses very enjoyable, I learnt a lot and I was inspired to improve as a coach. I would certainly encourage other coaches to do the course. I felt like I progressed from my ‘L’ plates to my ‘P’ plates of coaching after attending only a couple of nights. I’m sure coaches with all varying degrees of experience would get something out of it.”

– Luke Collins (Brookvale W10 Butterflys)


There is one final Coach Workshop available before the end of the season (details below), while a Skill Training Certificate and Game Training Certificate both to be held at Cromer Park in November will be announced in the next week or two.


Coach Workshop: Creating and Scoring More Goals
– Ideal exercises for attacking and finishing
– Teaching good decision making
– Managing a wide range of skill levels

Date: Wednesday September 30
Time: 6:30pm
Location: Melwood Oval (Forest Killarney)



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