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Before sunrise on a cold winter’s morning when most players would still be asleep ahead of their weekend match, Geoff Mooney finds himself down at Abbott Road ensuring Curl Curl’s grounds are in the best condition possible.

He wouldn’t change it for the world.

Mooney currently serves as the club’s head groundsman, treasurer, member protection information officer and presentation coordinator.

Geoff represented Curl Curl FC during his playing days and like many, the involvement of his children saw him rekindle his connection with the club in a whole new way.

In 2016 he was named Curl Curl club person of the year for his contributions, which have only grown since.

Geoff particularly treasures his unheralded duties as head of the club’s grounds staff.

“I like being groundsman because it’s a bit of an unsung role that you’re up there at 6:30 in the morning on Saturdays and Sundays setting up the fields,” he reflects.

“I enjoy the solitude and the quietness of watching the sunrise down at Abbott Road.

“I coordinate ground opening and closures, inspections due to wet weather and reschedule games when required and make sure the grounds are marked with nice straight lines.
“There’s certain satisfaction when you know that all the games have gone ahead and no one really knows that you’ve done it in the background.”

Mooney recalls how a few years ago a former teammate from his U12s team encouraged him to pull on the boots yet again for Curl Curl’s first O45’s team.

He proudly shares that since then the club has grown to entering three teams in that age category.

This growth only demonstrates the development Curl Curl have enjoyed on and off the pitch in recent seasons.

“I’ve stayed involved in the game and certainly moved into a greater capacity with Curl Curl because it’s a community-based club that’s really focused on developing not only its players but also to a big investment in developing the quality of our coaches,” Mooney says.

“A great aspect is also the growth in girls football in the last four or five years – Sunday’s are almost as busy as Saturdays now.”

Moving forward, Mooney and the Curl Curl committee are eager to continue building upon the club’s recent success.

“At the moment I’ve got a fair bit on, certainly working with the committee in our next big project to try and get approval for a new change room facilities and meeting room at Abbott Road.”


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