MWFA profile: Jamie Brading and Tim Brimmer


Jamie Brading and Tim Brimmer live and breathe all things CC Strikers.

So you can imagine the excitement of the pair just days out from the club’s maiden MWFA Premier League men’s grand final versus Wakehurst at Cromer Park.

Brading has been part of the CC Strikers set up since 2007, and has experienced the highs and lows.

Relegation in 2015 was brutal, but promotion from the AL/1s a year later was euphoric.

“If we manage to win on Saturday, it would definitely be the biggest football achievement of my life,” the 30-year-old said.

“But it isn’t about me, I’m just one player in a team of champion blokes.

“Having (captain) Luke Curnow out (broken leg) is tough to take, but we showed against Pittwater in the semi last week we can dig deep as a unit.

“If we win the physical battle, I think we will win.”

Teammate Brimmer has been playing Premier League at St Matthews Farm since 2013.

A local junior who started out with Cromer aged five, he knows what lifting the trophy would mean to so many people.

“We deserve to be there, it isn’t by chance,” he said.

“The past few years we have been building, and our coach (Ryan Butcher) has been a big part of that, he understands our club culture.

“I feel it is our time…and if we do get the better of Wakehurst, the Time and Tide Hotel better have plenty of staff on, it will be a long night.”



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