MWFA profile: The boys from Hunch


UNLESS you have been living under a rock or don’t use social media, chances are you would have come cross Hunch.

The brainchild of Dee Why Premier League duo Patrick Flaherty and Matt Cooper as well as close friend Will Brown, they have provided a unique and entertaining insight to northern beaches football.

This week they spoke to the MWFA this week about their journey online.


*How did you come up with the idea originally and when?

I doubt they’ll make a movie about how we started ( If they do, I want Denzel Washington to play me (Paddy). Coops I reckon have Joshua Brohlin (chin) and Patrick Swayze’s character from the 1991 Point Break film for Will. Probably a stretch to call it an initial idea but more an evolution of several bad ones. We’re close mates who played footy together and loved ripping team mates with pictures/match reports etc. We also saw an opportunity around the social side which is what formed the basis for a tipping style comp. Time wise, we’ve just passed the first 12 months with over 1000 followers on Facebook with over 300 active users on the website each week which is awesome considering we’re only in the Prems and recently AL/1s.

*What was the initial then ongoing feedback?

Mixed feedback on the first website. Everyone seemed to get on board early on though. In our defence, we literally started with a few spreadsheets and a dodgy website we put together in a few days. We’re super stoked and thankful people supported us from day one. Like a 12-year-old striker with a beard, we’re still growing and changing daily and we will look different again in 12 months.


To be interviewed by you Mr Prentice for the MWFA distribution email is what dreams are made of. See how we go. Were having fun, getting more people involved and keep growing. Certainly plans to grow across more leagues, states, country one day. Bit a work to go.

*Challenges to overcome?

Getting rid of (David) Guzzo on the comments is the first challenge. That bloke is non stop. Juggling between our busy schedules is the key challenge.

*Name the gentleman behind the process and what they do for work.

Will Brown is in advertising (retired from footy, but we reckon its because he couldnt even get in Manly Vale’s ressies) Matt Cooper’s a Health and Safety Manager (he’s also the leagues top league scorer chin machine) and Patrick Flaherty is in recruitment (ex Stoke City but no one has ever seen evidence….).

*Successful recent element – the tipping comps over Prems and AL./1s – plans for more?

Its a few things to be honest. We know the new website is solid so we will keep improving it and rolling it out across different leagues (hit us up if you think your league would be keen). Hitting little milestones like 1k likes on Facebook last week was huge for us considering we’ve spent zero dollars on marketing. Next one is 10k followers and 1k users for the site.

*Future of Hunch?

New podcast is coming out soon, new roll out to new leagues coming up. Were growing the team so if you fancy yourself a photoshop whiz or can write to our style or want to help on the admin get in touch via Facebook. We’re still asking people to register even though we’re nearly half way through the season for more.


If you want to join in on the tipping fun, log on to



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