Coach Education Workshops Continue To Be a Hit


The second MWFA/MUFC centralised Cromer Park was held on Monday 29th May and again was well received by the 30 plus coaches in attendance. Coaches from across the MWFA attended the SAP themed workshop which was facilitated by Community Coach Development Manager Christopher Adams and Manly United SAP coach Joe Fox.

Coaches in attendance were treated to a session themed around striking the ball which was run by Adams and then a Q&A with Fox around the Manly United SAP program and their SAP philosophy. Coach Development Manager Adams praised the Q&A with Fox as invaluable having Joe in attendance who works with in the SAP program throughout the week and on weekends was great for the association coaches to pick his brains on how they should rotate their players across positions and also to offer them advice on what they can do as a coach to provide their players with the necessary tools to give them the best possible chance of catching the eye of the MUFC coaches.

This was the second workshop of the year following the earlier MWFA/MUFC workshop held at Cromer Park which was centred around 11 aside football which was hosted by MUFC TD Warren Grieve and Adams was thrilled to see the high numbers remain from the first workshop for me it shows that there is a demand from community coaches for quick and short educational opportunities, attending a course is great but people may not have the time to attend a 14 hour course so if we can offer short educational snippets to meet their needs then that is great, these workshops are key for the MWFA during the season to keep coaches learning consistently and its great to see familiar faces from workshop 1 come back for workshop 2 as well as the brand new coaches that attended.

Beacon Hill FC provided their U12 players to be included in the SAP session and MUFC coach Joe Fox had nothing but praise for the players for me as an MUFC coach it was great to see the Beacon Hill boys in the session and the overall standard of the boys and their SAP skills were very good, the hope now is that the MWFA coaches continue to put into practice what they learn at these workshops around SAP and then gap between the MUFC SAP players and Association players will keep getting smaller and smaller”

The next Workshop will again be SAP themed and will be held at Cromer Park on Monday 24th July from 5:30pm-7:00pm. To register please email with your full name, mobile number and club you are coaching at.



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