MWFA profile: Wakehurst's Nyree Lovett

Nyree and the kids 664

NYREE Lovett’s passion for all things Wakehurst is remarkable.

The school teacher at Brigidine College plays for the Tigers in the over-35s with her younger sister Georgie – in a team coached by her father, legendary club identity Reg Wastell.

“The whole family has always loved football,” Nyree revealed.

“With Dad being born in the UK, he was always football mad.

“I started playing when Wakehurst only had two women’s teams, before eventually moving up the ranks into the Premier League.

“Of course I had the odd year off when I was pregnant, but I keep coming back.”

And yes, you guessed it – Nyree’s three kids – Annika (13), Mitchell (11) and Jacob (7) all play in orange and black.

To complete the madness, Nyree’s husband Sean also plays the world game up at Lionel Watts.

The parents also coach every Saturday and Sunday morning, just for good measure.

“For us, Wakehurst is a family affair, it is generational,” Nyree added.

“I have served on the committee over the years, I was always happy to give back to the club given the level of enjoyment and friendships formed along the way.

“I can’t see it stopping anytime soon, Wakehurst will always be a huge part of our lives.

“There is no way I could play or get involved with another (MWFA) club, it wouldn’t feel right.”



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