Game Training Phase – FFA National Curriculum

The Game Training Phase has two main objectives:

  • Preparing players for senior football by teaching them to apply functional game skills in a team setting using 1-4-3-3 as the preferred formation
  • Developing tactical awareness, perception and decision-making through a game-related approach to training.

Game Training Phase sessions consist of 4 components: Warm up, Positioning Game, Game Training, Training Game.

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Communication: Team Task and Player Tasks

Decision Making and Execution of Decisions: Cues

For example, for every football action (pass/shot/dribble/run/press etc), consider the player’s:

  • Position – Body shape and use of space (passing lanes, between lines, level and outside)
  • Moment – Timing (too early, too late or ideal, and checking runs)
  • Direction – Accuracy, angle (straight or curved), distance and height
  • Speed – Power (too slow, too fast or ideal)

Playing Out from the Back Model Session 1
Midfield Play Model Session 1
Attacking Model Session 1 (central)
Playing Out from the Back Model Session 2
Midfield Play Model Session 2
Attacking Model Session 3 (wide areas)
Transitioning Model Session 1 (BP to BPO)
Disturbing and Pressing Model Session 1
Defending Model Session 1 (zonal)
Transitioning Model Session 2 (BPO to BP)
Disturbing and Pressing Model Session 2
Defending Model Session 2 (long ball)