Wakehurst’s Female Football Champions!


It is a family affair at Wakehurst FC with sisters, Nyree and Georgie, playing for Wakehurst for many years and achieving a lot during their time there, including competing and winning Champion of Champions, as part of the Wakehurst W035 team.

Georgie continues to play in the Women’s Over 40’s which is still coached by her father whilst she manages the team.

More than just players, the sisters are also heavily involved in the club with Nyree having 25 years under her belt and Georgie starting at the club in 1994 as a high school student however, it has always been a family affair.

“My family has been part of Wakehurst since the late 1980’s in many different roles.” Nyree said.

Inspired by their father who has always coached Nyree and Georgie, the sisters now both coach their own daughters. Nyree is assistant coach to the W18/1’s whilst also managing the Women’s Premier League squad and Georgie coaches her daughter Eloise in the W16/2 team and has previously coached her son’s team.

On top of playing and coaching for Wakehurst Nyree and Georgie continue to give back to the club that they love through helping with grading and managing.

They are the epitome of what Wakehurst FC is all about, family and community.

“Wakehurst is a great family club which is reflected in the number of families who have multiple generations involved.

“We have all made many friends and shared great experiences and we have been fortunate to be part of a club who has supported the growth and development of women’s football.

“We have definitely come a long way from the two ladies’ teams’ that existed when I first commenced playing at Wakehurst.” Nyree said.

Georgie couldn’t agree more with her sister’s statement saying, “Wakehurst is a great community club. Over the years our teammates have become like an extension of our family – especially as we’ve had children of our own who became part of our amazing support crew.”

With the passion and love Nyree and Georgie have for their club and sport it is no surprise that they are also strong advocates for female football.

When asked what they would say to a girl or woman thinking about joining a team sport this is what they had to say.

“Football is a great sport to be involved in. It’s physical and skilful and it’s fun.  It is a sport you can play for many years.” Georgie said.

Whilst Nyree’s inspirational words were, “Don’t think about it, do it! Sport is a wonderful way to feel part of something and to meet new people who share your interest.  It creates a supportive environment that allows for individuals to develop their own skill set as well as an increased awareness of the value of others around us.”

In celebration of Female Football Week, the MWFA would like to recognise the incredible work of Nyree & Georgie and thank them for their commitment and dedication to our footballing community.


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