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*Please note due to wet weather games have been postponed from Sunday 27th to a later date

With only one more week until the 2022 season officially starts, the Men’s Amateur League division one (AL’1s) will have an early taste of it this Sunday, 27 March, when they play their first round of the season.

This year 10 teams compete for the title of AL1 champions and has a slightly different line up from the previous season.

With Beacon Hill and Forest Killarney being promoted to Premier League the returning AL1 teams will have some new competition.

The Forest Killarney AL2’s will be joining the competition after receiving the call to move up divisions, whilst Manly Vale will be joining after their relegation from Premier League.

The match of the round will kick off the action on Sunday morning at 11am with Harbord and Manly Vale, out at Narrabeen Sports High.

The end of the 2021 season saw Harbord FC finish in second place whilst Manly Vale will be looking to prove themselves as a top competitor for their first AL1’s match.

Avalon and Wakehurst will be another match to watch, 7pm on Cromer Park 5, as the teams finished only two points apart last year, making it a close match up.

It will be an entertaining start to the AL1 season as all 10 teams look to start their season strong and walk away with three points.


Match Details

11am – Manly Vale vs Harbord FC, Narrabeen High School

3pm – St Augustines vs Dee Why, Narrabeen High School

7pm – Avalon vs Wakehurst, Cromer Park 5

7pm – Forest Killarney vs Pittwater, Narrabeen High

7pm – Manly Allambie vs Mosman, Cromer Park 4

*All Reserve Grade games are played 2 hours before their respective First Grade games


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