21 May 2020

Dear 2020 registered players,

Football NSW and the NSW Government has given football clubs approval to resume training in line with the latest restrictions that have been relaxed across society, specifically the ability to start to exercise in groups of 10 (including the coach).

The 17 clubs, your club, are currently working through a training schedule and getting a better understanding of the guidelines to ensure they are prepared for the restart.

Our clubs are driven by volunteers and it is important that we all respect the efforts they are putting in and the schedules they have worked on to make sure we can get back on the park.

It is important to wait until your club gives you a training time and approval to train, to ensure that all 18,000 players can return to training in line with the approved guidelines, which are below.

No team/club will be able to resume training until at least Friday but you must wait for the training allocation from your club before starting.

This gives us the best chance to limit the possibility of another outbreak and allow us to progress to playing matches.

Below are links to the guidelines that all players should take the time to read.

We have also provided a link below to the checklist clubs are working towards, to give you all an idea of the time and effort that is being put into providing a safe and healthy environment for us all to return to football training.


The guidelines can be found here.

Club checklist is here.

Football NSW poster with information.


Some important points are:

  • Please read all of the guidelines
  • If you feel unwell DO NOT ATTEND TRAINING and put your team mates at risk
  • You must stick to the training ground allocation sent by your club
  • No groups are to be more than 10 people (including a coach)
  • There are four groups per full size field
  • You also MUST maintain social distancing protocols, especially before and after training sessions

More information and resources can be found here

The 17 Club Presidents and the MWFA have agreed that we will be taking a strict no leniency policy for teams/groups/clubs that disregard the NSW Government rules and guidelines. Any team, group or club that disregards the rules will be putting the process of returning to play for all 18,000 players in jeopardy and hence, will be removed from the 2020 competition.

Finally, the MWFA encourages all players to download the COVIDSafe app, which will help us in our goal of resuming normal life and playing matches.

Get out there and enjoy your football.



David Mason



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