Petition – More Sporting Fields on Sydney's Northern Beaches

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A lack of sporting fields to bite hard on participation numbers!

It is well known throughout the football community that the MWFA has a shortage of fields for playing and training on across the Northern Beaches.

Each year, existing fields are becoming increasingly deteriorated and overused.

The number of fields and their condition will only become worse for some, but not limited to, the following reasons:

1. Future population growth is not proportionate to generation of new sporting fields
2. Continued growth in sporting participation
3. Growth specifically in female football participation
4. Cost to develop in future years will only increase

The MWFA need your support NOW and ask each of you to sign this petition in support of Northern Beaches Council creating more sporting fields ASAP!

Acknowledgement of your signing the petition will be sent directly to the following as a show of your support towards this cause.

Northern Beaches Council
The Administrator
Dick Persson
POST OR DELIVER: PO Box 1336, Dee Why 2099

Manly Daily
EMAIL: FAX: 9977 3104
POST OR DELIVER: PO Box 286, Manly 1655.



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