Under-8s MWFA girls gala day

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CURL Curl’s Abbott Rd pitches are the venue for Sunday’s under-8s MWFA girls gala day.

Following previous successful events at David Thomas Reserve (Manly Vale SC) and Graham Reserve (Brookvale FC), Curl Curl Youth Club get their chance to play host this weekend.

Louise Walker, vice-president for girls and women’s football, hopes the weather improves.

“We are hoping the sun comes out,” she said.

“The main aim is to offer plenty of games of football in a social environment and at the same time encourage team bonding.

“It also gives the parents a chance to soak up and be part of a carnival like atmosphere.”

Another gala day, this time for the under-10 girls, is set down for next Sunday at Lionel Watts, home of the Wakehurst Tigers.

“The clubs have been very pro-active in wanting to host the days, which has been fantastic,” Walker added.

“If we can keep girls playing football, the (gala) days are serving an important purpose.”

Given the success and positive response to the gala days so far, the MWFA plan to make them annual events across the peninsula in 2017 and beyond.


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