The MWFRA is keen to receive feedback from players, coaches & managers on the performance of our referees during the season so that we can improve, develop and provide feedback to our referees for their performance.

The link below enables you to complete this feedback form in a structured format and applies to all referees who cover games from under 12s to over 45s.


There is a separate short form for mens and womens PL and AL-1 games which we have also introduced this year.






The MWFRA conducts entry level courses prior to the beginning of each local football season in February and March.

These courses are officially sanctioned by Football Federation Australia and participants will obtain the FFA Level 4 Referee Accreditation on successful completion of the course.

This level of accreditation enables holders to be appointed by the MWFRA to any officially sanctioned match, though appointment to matches at higher levels will depend on technical competence.

These courses are open to both adults and children. Prospective referees in 2017 must be at least 14 years of age on December 31, 2017.


There are 2 kinds of referee courses available.

Those for age groups Under 11 and under and those for Under 12 and up.

MWFRA offer FFA approved courses for 11-a-side games (Under 12 and up) and do require registration.

MWFA offers ‘parent’ referee courses which are free and do not require registration.