Two Teams, One Position – Who Will Join the Men’s Premier League Team?

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The Men’s Premier League are eagerly awaiting to see who will become their newest competition as Forest Killarney’s and Manly Vale’s AL1’s battle it out for the Premier League final position this Saturday, 26 February, at 3pm on Cromer Park 2.

After Seaforth FC officially pulled out of the Men’s Premier League competition three weeks ago the position opened for another team to join Beacon Hill FC in the move to the top.

Manly Vale have been given a second chance to compete in the Premier League after being relegated to the AL1’s at the end of the 2021 season.

Whilst Forest Killarney are looking to celebrate their 60th anniversary with a place in the big leagues.

To be able to play on Saturday all players from both clubs must be registered for Forest Killarney’s or Manly Vale’s AL1’s for the 2022 season.

The teams however will be limited to the regular season’s Men’s Premier League substitution rule. Meaning only five substitutions can be made per team throughout the game and once subbed off the player cannot return to the field.

Forest Killarney’s new signings Liam Cheyne and Darragh Reynor will take to the field for their first official games with the club. Both players will be looking to prove that they are ones to watch over the coming season.

Whilst Manly Vale will be utilising their experience from playing in the Premier League last season to secure themselves the final spot.

It will be a tough battle between the two sides and will ultimately shape the 2022 Men’s Premier League season.


Match Details

Who: Forest Killarney FC vs Manly Vale FC

When: Saturday, 26 February

Where: Cromer Park 2

Time: 3pm Kick-off


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