Kyle Robbins was born and raised in Southend, Essex, before moving to Australia at 15 years old, and football has been his whole life.

“Growing up in England all we used to do as children was play on the streets, or go to the local field and use our bikes as goals. When I started really thinking about my future, I realised that all I wanted to do was be involved in the sport.”

After Kyle finished his HSC he got a job at Mongo Football Club where Cameroonian footballer Cyrille Ndongo-Keller took him under his wing and helped him grow in confidence. As a player though, Kyle has always played for Forest Killarney FC.

“At a training session Billy Keir overheard me talking about doing my C Licence, and this is when I started to coach at my local club. In the 2019 season I coached my first 11-a-side team which was the U13 1 squad. We won the league and got to the semi finals of the state cup and champions of champions, and then I coached the lads again during the confusing 2020 season. This season I coach the U18 1B squad which has been amazing so far.”

In 2021, Kyle also started coaching at Northbridge FC with their SAP program, and he also does a lot of other coaching with his assistant coach Fraser.

“A dream of mine is to coach full time. I’m currently working at a Woolworths 3-4 days a week which motivates me to work hard in getting to my dream. I’ve coached from ages 6 to 17 for a total of 5 years now, and understand I have so much to learn, but surrounding myself with genuine, knowledgeable people has really helped me become the coach I am today.”

Apart from developing himself as a coach, he also realises how important it is that the players under him have a good experience.

“I have always been proud of how energetic and passionate I am when it comes to my coaching style, I make it my number one priority to make sure every player leaves with a smile on their face, wanting to come back. Regardless of the age they are having that connection with the players you coach is vital.”


MWFA is looking forward to seeing Kyle continuing to develop himself and hopefully achieving his dream.

Look out for more articles on other MWFA Future Coaches over the coming months.



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