Grand Final Weekend Results


Junior Results

Age GroupHome TeamHome Team ScoreAway Team ScoreAway Team
12/1ACurl Curl Youth Club0 (5)0 (4)Beacon Hill Football Club
12/1BBTH Raiders Soccer Club10Wakehurst Football Club
12/2ASeaforth Football Club A21Manly Allambie United FC
12/2BCollaroy Cromer Strikers FC1 (4)1 (3)Curl Curl Youth Club
12/3ABeacon Hill Football Club30St Augustines Football Club
12/3BAvalon Soccer Club40Collaroy Cromer Strikers FC
12/4AWakehurst Football Club21Dee Why Football Club
12/4BManly Vale Football Club30Avalon Soccer Club B
12/5ABTH Raiders Soccer Club1 (5)1 (4)Beacon Hill Football Club
13/1Curl Curl Youth Club0 (4)0 (3)Forest Killarney Football Club
13/2Brookvale Football Club41Pittwater RSL Football Club
13/3ACollaroy Cromer Strikers FC A20Wakehurst Football Club
13/3BPittwater RSL Football Club2 (5)2 (4)Manly Allambie United FC
13/4ACurl Curl Youth Club32BTH Raiders Soccer Club
13/4BAvalon Soccer Club B60Seaforth Football Club
14/1Forest Killarney Football Club1
0Mosman Football Club
14/2Wakehurst Football Club20Forest Killarney Football Club
14/3ASt Augustines Football Club2 (6)2 (5)Seaforth Football Club
14/3BDee Why Football Club13Brookvale Football Club
14/4BTH Raiders Soccer Club1 (5)1 (4)Pittwater RSL Football Club
15/1Forest Killarney FC21Wakehurst Football Club
15/2Wakehurst Football Club A1 (5)1 (4)Forest Killarney FC
15/3AForest Killarney Football Club21Seaforth Football Club
15/3BAvalon Soccer Club41Narrabeen Football Club
16/1Forest Killarney Football Club A2 (6)2 (5)Narrabeen Football Club
16/2Avalon Soccer Club30Collaroy Cromer Strikers FC
16/3St Augustines Football Club B43Brookvale Football Club
18/1AForest Killarney Football Club2 (6)2 (5)Curl Curl Youth Club A
18/1BSeaforth Football Club10Brookvale Football Club
18/2BTH Raiders Soccer Club0 (5)0 (4)Seaforth Football Club
18/3Wakehurst Football Club0 (4)0 (3)St Augustines Football Club
18/4St Augustines Football Club B20Collaroy Cromer Strikers FC

Men’s Results

Age GroupHome TeamHome Team ScoreAway Team ScoreAway Team
PLCurl Curl Youth Club60Seaforth Football Club
PL/RPittwater RSL Football Club52St Augustines Football Club
AL/1BTH Raiders Soccer Club21Harbord Seasiders United Football Club
AL/1RBTH Raiders Soccer Club31Avalon Soccer Club
AL/2BTH Raiders Soccer Club62Seaforth Football Club
AL/3AManly Vale Football Club21Dee Why Football Club
AL/3BBrookvale Football Club40St Augustines Football Club A
AL/4Beacon Hill Football Club B2 (8)2 (7)BTH Raiders Soccer Club B
AL/5Pittwater RSL Football Club40Brookvale Football Club
AL/6Curl Curl Youth Club1 (5)1 (4)Narrabeen Football Club
AL/7Harbord Seasiders United FC A60Dee Why Football Club
AL/8Dee Why Football Club31Manly Allambie United FC
AL/9Seaforth Football Club B20Manly Vale Football Club
O35/1Mosman Football Club42Wakehurst Football Club
O35/2Dee Why Football Club1 (5)1 (4)Wakehurst Football Club
O35/3Dee Why Football Club0 (3)0 (2)BTH Raiders Soccer Club
O35/4ACurl Curl Youth Club A10Pittwater RSL Football Club
O35/4BManly Allambie United FC10Manly Vale Football Club A
O35/5Curl Curl Youth Club B40Curl Curl Youth Club A
O35/6Forest Killarney Football Club A20Mosman Football Club
O45/1Brookvale Football Club10Mosman Football Club
O45/2Beacon Hill Football Club10Pittwater RSL Football Club
O45/3Beacon Hill Football Club B32Mosman Football Club

Women’s Results

Age GroupHome TeamHome Team ScoreAway Team ScoreAway Team
W-12/1APittwater RSL Football Club32Collaroy Cromer Strikers FC
W-12/1BBrookvale Football Club1 (2)1 (0)Beacon Hill Football Club
W-12/2Manly Vale Football Club1 (2)1 (2)Brookvale Football Club
W-12/3Manly Vale Football Club10Seaforth Football Club
W-13/1Dee Why Football Club1 (5)1 (4)Manly Vale Football Club
W-13/2BTH Raiders Soccer Club31Curl Curl Youth Club
W-13/3Narrabeen Football Club1 (2)1 (0)Curl Curl Youth Club
W-14/1Pittwater RSL Football Club0 (6)0 (5)Avalon Soccer Club
W-14/2Manly Vale Football Club A20Wakehurst Football Club A
W-15/1BTH Raiders Soccer Club10Curl Curl Youth Club
W-15/2Mosman Football Club B1 (2)1 (0)Forest Killarney FC
W-15/3Curl Curl Youth Club30Collaroy Cromer Strikers FC
W-16/1Pittwater RSL Football Club0 (5)0 (4)Seaforth Football Club
W-16/2Wakehurst Football Club20Avalon Soccer Club A
W-18/1Avalon Soccer Club A90Narrabeen Football Club
W-18/2Pittwater RSL Football Club20BTH Raiders Soccer Club
W-PLBeacon Hill Football Club10Manly Allambie United FC
W-AL/1APittwater RSL Football Club21Beacon Hill Football Club
W-AL/1BWakehurst Football Club30Harbord Seasiders United FC
W-AL/2Mosman Football Club A41Manly Vale Football Club
W-AL/3Narrabeen Football Club41Manly Vale Football Club
W-AL/4Seaforth Football Club A43BTH Raiders Soccer Club
W-AL/5Wakehurst Football Club A10Avalon Soccer Club B
W-O30Pittwater RSL Football Club21Mosman Football Club A
W-O40/AManly Vale Football Club A21Curl Curl Youth Club A
W-O40/BBrookvale Football Club21Seaforth Football Club

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