Introduction to Coaching


Firstly, MWFA would like to thank you for putting your hand up to be a coach this season. Every team needs one, and the players and parents will surely appreciate your time and efforts.

Our aim at MWFA is to provide you with as much assistance and guidance as possible. The best place to start is attending a free 2-hour MiniRoos Certificate. Various dates, times and locations are available in the table below, and more will be added as they are confirmed.

Various other courses, workshops and resources are available under the coaching tab of our website, while we would also recommended contacting your club and finding out who your CCC (Club Coaching Coordinator) is and asking them for more direct support at your training sessions and games with your team.


MiniRoos Certificates

This course is designed for coaches/managers/volunteers and even parents involved with age groups U6 to U11.
The 3-hour course is fully practical and encourages the coach to develop practices that are based on FUN. The emphasis is on natural development i.e. learning by PLAYING football. No coaching but organising FUN football exercises is the key to helping players build a love for the game. Another highlight of the course is that the coaches are exposed to basic rules of the game as well as tips and hints on building a football culture in a completely practical setting.
The MiniRoos Certificate is FREE OF CHARGE for all participants, but online registration is still compulsory.


Thursday March 36:30pm to 9:30pmManly Vale (David Thomas Reserve)CLICK HERE to register
Tuesday March 156:30pm to 9:30pmForest Killarney (Melwood Oval)CLICK HERE to register
Tuesday March 226:30pm to 9:30pmBeacon Hill (Beacon Hill Oval)CLICK HERE to register
Tuesday March 226:30pm to 9:30pmSeaforth (Seaforth Oval)CLICK HERE to register
Wednesday March 306:30pm to 9:30pmCurl Curl (Abbott Road)CLICK HERE to register
Monday April 47pm to 9:30pmCromer Park - Female Only CourseCLICK HERE to register
Friday April 86:30pm to 9:30pmWakehurst (Hews Parade)CLICK HERE to register
Thursday April 217pm to 9:30pmManly Allambie (Miller's Reserve)CLICK HERE to register
Tuesday April 267pm to 9:30pmAvalon (Careel Bay)CLICK HERE to register
Wednesday May 116:30pm to 9:30pmPittwater (Kitchener Park)CLICK HERE to register