Club Coaching Coordinator (CCC) Program

The FFA Club Coach Coordinator (CCC) program is now in its fifth year at MWFA, and has had a very positive impact on our member clubs who have engaged with the program to support their club coaches within their own environment.

MWFA feedback from two surveys over the past two years clearly shows that the player enjoyment through a positive coaching experience is one of the major factors in a young player’s decision to continue playing, and to continue playing at his/her current club.


The CCC program sees grassroots clubs take ownership (with support from MWFA) of coach development within their club to support and value their new and inexperienced coaches, through one or several of the methods below:

  • In house club coaching workshops
  • In house coach mentoring
  • Coaches induction evenings
  • Coaches thank you days/evenings
  • Monthly coaches meetings


MWFA provided all CCC clubs with a $150 equipment voucher in 2018 as recognition for their work supporting coaches, while in 2019 this was increased dramatically to $2300 for clubs to use on either purchasing equipment or funding 2 coaches to complete their FFA C-Licence.

The CCC program was launched by the MWFA in 2017 as a pilot program with 6 clubs taking part, growing to include 10 clubs in 2018 and eventually 13 clubs in 2019, all engaged at different levels and with different methods of delivery.


Coaches keen for ongoing support with their own team (on top of the coaching courses and workshops available through MWFA) at their own training sessions and matches should reach out to a CCC at their club, or contact their club to find out who their CCCs are.



James Mitchell
Jud Harrison
Mark Scognamiglio
John Kowtan

Ross Brown

Rich Lacey
Sue Lawson
Elisha Stewart
Unai Bell

Billy Keir
Richard Evans
Kyle Robbins
Fraser McLeod
Nina Sallenave
Duncan Kerr
Danny Panetta
Miguel Irribarren
Josh Jones

Mike Read

Marilinda Winter

Rocky Giles
Paul Midgley
Ben Adams

Gary Giles
John Dennison
Adrian Roberts
Karl Wood