FNSW Competition Winners 2019



The State, Robertson (U21) and Bill Cullinan (All Age Men) Cup Knockout Tournaments are conducted by Football NSW Community Football for Association based Mens and Womens Teams and Country Association representative or Club teams. This tournament attracts over 700 entries each season and is an opportunity for teams from all areas of Football NSW to compete against teams from outside their own Association. The table below shows MWFA winners.

Year Club Division
1977 Seaforth YC U21
1991 Wakehurst U16
1997 Wakehurst U18
1998 St Augustine U21
2001 Seasiders AAW
2002 Pittwater RSLSC U21
2002 Seasiders SC AAW
2003 Seasiders SC AAW
2006 Beacon Hill FC WU14
2007 Wakehurst WU12
2008 Brookvale AAW
2009 Wakehurst U14
2010 Brookvale U16
2011 Brookvale AAM
2012 Seaforth WU18
2012 Beacon Hill AAW
2013 Seaforth WU1888
2013 Wakehurst U18
2016 Wakehurst U18
2017 Narrabeen AAM
2018 CC Strikers U16
2019 Pittwater RSL W12
2019 Pittwater RSL W16
2019 Forest Killarney FC U18
2019 Avalon FC W18



MWFA Winners

Since 1971 the Champion of Champions tournament has been conducted by Football NSW Community Football and is the pinnacle of Association based competition from all over the State.

Champion teams from every FNSW Association (Metropolitan & Country) play against each other in a knockout competition to decide the ultimate Champion in each age group.

Year Club Division
1971 Seaforth YC U21
1975 Wakehurst U8
1976 Seaforth YC U21
1977 Seaforth YC U18
1979 Narrabeen U18
1980 Terrey Hills U21
1980 Avalon Utd All Age Men
1981 Curl Curl U18
1983 Killarney SC U21
1985 Seaforth YC All Age Men
1989 Brookvale All Age Men
1990 Wakehurst U15
1990 Brookvale All Age Men
1992 Seasiders All Age Men
1994 Seasiders All Age Women
1995 CC Strikers U12
1995 Brookvale All Age Men
1997 Pittwater RSL U14
1997 Seasiders All Age Women
1997 Wakehurst All Age Men
1998 Brookvale All Age Men
1998 Seasiders All Age Women
2000 Seasiders All Age Women
2001 Seasiders All Age Women
2001 Pittwater RSL All Age Men
2002 Seasiders All Age Women
2002 Brookvale SC All Age Men
2003 Brookvale SC All Age Men
2004 Seaforth WU12
2005 Wakehurst WU12
2005 Beacon Hill WU14
2006 Beacon Hill WU16
2006 Brookvale All Age Women
2007 Avalon WU18
2007 Beacon Hill WU16
2009 Wakehurst U14
2010 Forest Killarney U11
2010 Brookvale U16
2010 Wakehurst WU16
2010 Brookvale O35 Men
2011 Pittwater All Age Men
2011 Manly Vale All Age Women
2011 Seaforth WU16
2012 Manly Vale All Age Women
2012 Pittwater All Age Men
2013 Avalon WU16
2013 Seaforth WU18
2013 Wakehurst U18
2014 Wakehurst O35 Men
2014 Brookvale WU14
2014 Avalon WU16
2014 Wakehurst WU18
2015 Wakehurst U18
2016 Forest Killarney U13
2016 Wakehurst U18
2016 Narrabeen All Age Men
2017 Forest Killarney U12
2017 Forest Killarney U14
2018 Avalon Football Club WU16
2019 Dee Why FC 12
2019 Belrose Terrey Hills WU15
2019 Pittwater RSL FC W Over 30
2019 Brookvale FC All Age Men