MWFA Coach Development Calendar Released

MWFA Coach Development Calendar Released

In December 2019, MWFA organised a special meeting with CCCs (Club Coaching Coordinators), with most clubs in attendance. This workshop was to review the previous season in terms of coach development and support being provided by MWFA and the clubs, as well as to discuss how both MWFA and the clubs can do this better moving into the 2020 season.

Official FFA coaching courses during pre-season and the regular season, as well as additional coaching workshops at both Cromer Park and hosted by clubs were all popular projects that will continue to be provided this coming season.

Some key initiatives that will be implemented this year include:

  • More hands-on support at clubs from MWFA Coach Developers
  • More promotion of both MWFA and club based coach development initiatives, especially using video and social media
  • More resources for coaches, including training session videos

To better coordinate all of the above, and give both CCCs and coaches as much notice as possible to avoid clashes, MWFA is excited to announce a new feature of the coaching section of our website. A 12-month calendar of coach development events was put together with the CCCs, and this feature is now live, including registration links where applicable.

The calendar includes:

  • Official FFA Coaching Courses
  • MWFA Coach Workshops
  • MWFA Game Leader Workshops
  • CCC Meetings/Workshops
  • Club based events such as Coach Workshops and Coach Information Nights

Coaches can now be directed to this calendar to give them a full view of all coach development opportunities available. Clubs can also see which dates are free to host their own courses and workshops.

To view the calendar, please click here

For more information, including to upload your club’s coach development events, please contact MWFA Community Coach Development Manager Eugene Lawrenz at