Re-Grading of teams in MWFA Competitions

Re-Grading of teams in MWFA Competitions
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With the completion of most of the first rounds of games, the MWFA undertaken some regrading of teams in the U12s through U16s (men’s, mixed and women’s), which is in place for this weekend.

Only teams clearly struggling in a division were considered for a move to a lower division as the MWFA works to alleviate lop-sided results for junior players.

Some of those struggling teams elected to stay in their current division. No teams were moved up a division.

All results in fully completed rounds in a division remain.

Tables will be adjusted to reflect the same basis of games for all teams in a division.


The age group / divisions impacted by the team movements are:

U12-3, U12-4, and U12-5

U13-1, U13-2 (will change after Round 11), U13-3, U13-4 WU12-1, WU12-2, WU12-3 WU15-1, WU15-2