There is no denying Malcolm Olsen’s passion for football.

There is no denying Malcolm Olsen’s passion for football.

Almost two years ago he postponed his wedding a few hours to play a grand final for Manly Vale in the over-35/4s against Wakehurst – which he won.

The ultimate club man, Olsen also put his hand up a few winters ago to help with the MWFA’s ‘Team Referee’ scheme, which requires each team have two registered referees on their books.

He was soon hooked.

“At first I was just controlling games after mine finished on a Saturday afternoon,” Olsen said.

“The more games under my belt, the more I began to like it.”

This season Olsen has branched out.

He now is the man in the middle for junior fixtures on Saturday and Sunday mornings, as well as occasionally running the line for MWFA Premier League games.

“I’m really enjoying being a part at that (Premier League) level,” he said.

“There is pressure to perform, you have to rise to the challenge.

“I’m loving the feedback at the end of games, it has been all positive.”

Olsen’s wife Anita encourages him to keep active.

“She knows how much football is a part of my life,” he added.

“To be in a position to give back is fantastic.”

Naturally, Olsen began working recently for the Brazilian Soccer School across the peninsula – meaning football is literally his source of income.

He wouldn’t have it any other way.

Photo caption: Malcolm Olsen (middle) after a five a side game.