2016 Player of the Year

2016 Player of the Year

The Men’s and Women’s Player of the Year will be announced at a presentation night on the 20th of August 2016 at Novotel Manly Pacific along with other major awards like Coach of the Year, Golden Boot, Rookie of the Year, Goal Keeper of the Year and Club Person of the Year.

Check out the rankings below to see which players are currently leading the race for the Player of the Year trophy.

Today is the last day the points will be published until the Presentation night.


MPL leaders up to 27th June

Manly Vale T. Masters 26
Pittwater J. Yeates 21
Dee Why D. Talbot 20
Wakehurst R. Bream 18
Wakehurst J. Bushnell 17
St Augustines B. Ashcroft 15
St Augustines J. Rogers 15
Narrabeen O. Skelding 14
Seaforth M. Molloy 14

AL1 leaders up to 27th June

Curl Curl J. Stambolieff 36
FKFC C. Lawrence 28
Mosman J. Rudman 18
CCS L. Curnow 17
Narrabeen J. Garside 17
Curl Curl B. Groves 14
Pittwater – A P. Aitchison 14
CCS M. Ridgeway 13
FKFC T. Audsley 13
FKFC A. Santos 13

WPL leaders up to 27th June

Beacon Hill J. Wootton 42
Wakehurst A. Nakao 20
Manly Vale – A S. Moyer 19
Brookvale L. Euers 15
Brookvale G. Foster 15
Avalon L. Coleman 13
Beacon Hill A. Adalis 12
Seaforth R. Darby 12
Wakehurst N. Emmanuel 12

WAL1 leaders up to 27th June

Mosman – A M. Duncan 26
HSU B. Jeffcoat 24
HSU R. Lewis 23
Beacon Hill L. Bombara 17
CCS – B G. Jacobs 17
Curl Curl S. Taweel 17
CCS – A B. Cimenti 15
CCS – B E. Trevena 14
Beacon Hill A. Rullo 13
Seaforth A. Lukomskyj 12